Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Keyvan Mohajer

Inspired by Science Fiction and the promise of speaking naturally with the devices around us, Keyvan launched SoundHound. As Co-Founder and CEO, Keyvan envisions a world where custom voice assistants transform how we interact with machines—making lives more convenient and productive. Keyvan earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer & Senior Vice President Engineering
Majid Emami

Majid is one of our co-founders and the visionary leading technology R&D for speech recognition and machine learning. Holder of 16 patents related to voice AI technology, Majid uses his expertise to lead the innovation at Soundhound Majid earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
James Hom

James is a co-founder of SoundHound, Inc. In his role as Chief Product Officer, James leads all product development and advancement for the SoundHound AI platform, SoundHound Services, and multiple B2C products—reaching hundreds of millions of end-users. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Chief Operating Officer
Michael Zagorsek

As COO, Michael Zagorsek is leading company operations and marketing efforts to strengthen SoundHound’s presence in the voice AI market. Throughout his career, he’s focused on technology growth and marketing innovative forms of human/computer interaction. He earned his Master’s in International Management, Marketing from University of Bradford.

Chief Financial Officer
Nitesh Sharan

As Chief Financial Officer, Nitesh leads SoundHound’s strategic financial planning and accounting efforts and acts as the catalyst to accelerate the company’s global growth and expansion plans. He brings a wealth of experience managing teams and developing relationships with partners and investors. Previously, he held several executive roles at Nike, including Treasurer, Head of Investor Relations, and CFO of Global Operations, and as a financial leader at Hewlett-Packard and Accenture. Nitesh earned his MBA from Northwestern University and his Bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University. He is a CFA charter holder.

Chief Technology Officer
Tim Stonehocker

An engineering leader with deep expertise in audio recognition algorithms, search technologies, and scalable systems, Tim is responsible for implementing audio recognition and scaling the engineering organization. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree with distinction in Computer Science and his Master’s in Music from Stanford University.

Senior Executive Advisor
Kamyar Mohajer

Kamyar brings a wealth of experience in the areas of law, business, music, and computer science to the Soundhound team. He lends his breadth of knowledge to the management of a variety of critical initiatives, including business partnerships, company operations, legal procedures, and expansion strategies.

Senior Vice President, Business Development
Amir Arbabi

Amir is a voice AI industry leader. He brings global expertise in developing and expanding new business opportunities and creating sustainable growth and business revenues. He earned his BA with Distinction in Economics at Stanford University and his J.D. degree at Harvard University.

Senior Vice President, Legal & General Counsel
Warren Heit

Warren’s diverse background includes electrical engineering and computer science. He has also been an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a Partner and Global Technology Attorney at White & Case for 18 years. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at Tufts University and his J.D. degree at Fordham University.